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Finally, a documentary about scientists who get misrepresented by the media.
Those TV documentaries you see, and the science experts they feature? Did you know that producers often edit them out of context, and twist their words, to make it seem like they promoted some pop sensationalism instead of the real facts?

Science Friction exposes this practice and gives the scientists a chance to clear the record. The film was financed by private grants and donations. Sign up below for email updates on the release.

Click to see a brief clip of a few of the science experts featured in our film:

Steven NovellaDavid S. AndersonJonathan DavisKen FederJanine KrippnerBrian MalowRiko MuranakaMathew Wedel

Skeptoid Media is a 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit. Science Friction is directed by Emery Emery (The Aristocrats, Gambler's Ballad) and executive produced by Brian Dunning (Principles of Curiosity).

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