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Finally, a documentary about scientists who get misrepresented by the media.
Those TV documentaries you see, and the science experts they feature? Did you know that producers often edit them out of context, and twist their words, to make it seem like they promoted some pop sensationalism instead of the real facts?

Science Friction is going to expose these faux documentaries by name, and will give the scientists a chance to clear the record. The film is intended for theatrical release. The production is being crowdfunded right here on this page.

The many scientists and other experts we're interviewing include:

Richard DawkinsMichael MannSteven NovellaJames RandiMathew WedelAlice KehoeJonathan DavisKevin FoltaRiko MuranakaRichard WisemanSeth ShostakGarry NolanKen FederBrian Brushwood

And many others with jaw-dropping stories of misrepresentation.

Skeptoid Media is a 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit, so all crowdfunding donations are fully tax deductible for U.S. taxpayers.

Call for scientists
We have many interviews already scheduled and are actively looking for more stories. If you are a scientist who was duped, warped, taken out of context, or otherwise screwed by the production, contact our producer James H. Marsden.

Science Friction is directed by Emery Emery (The Aristocrats, Gambler's Ballad) and written and presented by Brian Dunning (Principles of Curiosity, Here Be Dragons).

$10,000 - Executive Producer credit onscreen
You will be credited as an Executive Producer in the film's credits and on IMDb.$5,000 - Associate Producer credit onscreen
You will be credited as an Associate Producer in the film's credits and on IMDb.$1,000 - Special Thanks credit onscreen
We reserve this section of the credits for parties who REALLY make a difference in our ability to produce the film — we would love to add you here!$500 - Skype chat with one of our scientists of your choice
We will advise you of which science experts in the film are available for a Skype chat during our production. Dependent upon your ability to meet their schedule. 15 minutes max.$50 - Digital download of the finished film
Once the film is finished we will email you a secure link to download your own personal copy of the movie to keep, in a common digital video format.Any donation - Your name at the end of the credits
Probably in some microscopic font along with a thousand other people, but at least we don't "misrepresent" that!

Email with any questions about these rewards.

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