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Prof. Garry Nolan
Microbiology & Immunology, Stanford University

Garry NolanWhen a 6-inch mummy was discovered in Chile that looked oddly like an alien, Garry Nolan jumped at the chance to do a DNA analysis. It was in the hands of the producers of the 2013 documentary film Sirius, which posits that Earth is actively being visited by aliens. Nolan discussed his analysis in detail for the cameras, but when the movie came out, he was disgusted to find that it had been edited to appear that he said the mummy was only half human.

"The media had a heyday," Nolan wrote. "Soon enough people were saying it was an alien-human hybrid. I still recall the Stanford PR department calling me when the reporters were contacting them about the Stanford Professor studying an alien in his lab."

It may have made the movie more entertaining, but as Nolan observes, "The data was being misinterpreted and an injustice to the science being done."

Science Friction is a new documentary film that will expose these faux documentaries, and give the scientists a chance to clear the record. The film is being crowdfunded right here on this page.

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