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$25,000 - Studio title card
You or your company will have a card at the beginning of the film showing you as one of the producing studios. $10,000 - Executive Producer credit onscreen
You will be credited as an Executive Producer in the film's credits and on IMDb. $5,000 - Associate Producer credit onscreen
You will be credited as an Associate Producer in the film's credits and on IMDb. $1,000 - Special Thanks credit onscreen
We reserve this section of the credits for parties who REALLY make a difference in our ability to produce the film — we would love to add you here! $100 - What we ask
The basic amount we are asking everyone to contribute. We want you to do it because you believe it's important, not because you want a reward. $50 - Digital download of the finished film
Once the film is finished we will email you a secure link to download your own personal copy of the movie to keep, in a common digital video format. Any donation - Your name at the end of the credits
Probably in some microscopic font along with a thousand other people, but at least we don't "misrepresent" that!